Venture Global Engineering

A well-designed and well-built mold will provide years of smooth production of high quality plastic injection molded parts and components.

Venture Global Engineering

At Venture Global Engineering we pride ourselves in having the services you need, executing your projects at the highest level of quality in the timeline you require.

Be it secondary builds, initial tool design and fabrication, tooling changes, or repairs, the team at VGE has the experience and expertise you need. VGE can offer you the largest CNC machine in Michigan, ensuring absolute precision, a robust secondary build facility, tooling resources in low-cost countries and and a staff that has up to 43 years of industry experience.

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Our Services

A well-designed and well-built mold will produce high-quality parts and components for years after it is put into service.

Mold Design

VGE was founded in 1983 to meet the needs of an evolving automotive industry and the need for local, dependable, highly-experienced tool makers.

New Mold Builds

Building tools with pinpoint accuracy is our specialty, we have the largest CNC machine in Michigan so all our tools are spot on.

Mold Repair

Emergencies happen - we are there for you 24/7 to get you the repairs you need fast so you can get back to business.

Secondary Equipment

We have an extensive in-house operation to build secondary machines as well as fabricating custom racks.

Imported Tooling

VGE brings in 100+ tools annually to localize them for manufacturing in the US market, with an average turn-around time of 2 days.

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Thank you for your interest in VGE! We’re an energetic, flexible, and open-minded team ready to work hard for our clients. If you have any questions, comments, or would like us to contact you, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.